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-once he asked me, what is your favorite color?-
I love the blue part of sunset

Many people will choose Bali as their travel destination when it comes to beaches. But for me, I prefer a quite and more relaxed places where there are less tourist and where I can find a better sunset. However, sometimes I'm in the need of a chill night at the bar, luckily I got a chance visited Gili Island two months ago, an island where I can found both relaxed beached and chilled-night at the bar.

To Gili Trawangan, all you need to do is flight to Lombok. From Lombok airport you can take a public bus to Senggigi beach which costs you around 20 thousand rupiah and takes about one hour. Then, from Senggigi beach, you can take taxi to Gili port which usually costs around 30 thousand and take you around 45 minutes. It only takes 15 minutes from Gili port to the island. another suggestion is you also can rent a car or joined some travel agent at the airport, It will be more convenient. 

In Gili Trawangan, there will be so many guest house and cheap hotels which can provide you best experiences to stay. There will be only bike and "delman" when you arrive there, no car or motorbike. The island is not really big, only takes one hour to round the island. During my stay, I spent my morning to run at the beach. Went to nearby island (Gili Air is my favorite), snorkeling, tried paddle boarding for the first time, and kayaking. I spent my afternoon waited for sunset and went back to hotels around 7 at night. literally the best holiday ever. At night, Gili Trawangan provides you some nice bar which is quite cheap and not as crowd as the bar in Bali. But for those who love to dance, you can still enjoy the music there.

I fell in Love with Gili Trawangan. will coming back soon this year to escape myself from life and hectic day in Jakarta. To catch the sunset and to wait it left it's blue.

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