Sweet Escape to Malang and My first Mountain Trip Bromo

4:24 AM

Moving to Surabaya last April, i'm starting to joining a couchsurfing community and since then i realize that this city are surrounded by many beautiful places. for example, you can reach Bali for only 30 minutes by flight and also you can visiting malang for only 2 hours by train. It's holiday seasons here in Indonesia and i decided to have my first mountain trip to Bromo and spend some day in Malang with my friends. 

Starting the trip from Surabaya by morning train, we arrived in Malang Train Station and straight to Mador (Malang Dorm) which is quite famous for backpackers, the dorm it's self cost for 300k per persons for twin bed and bromo trip at night. since we only going for 2 persons, it's really convenient to have the trip arranged by the hostels which including the Jip Trip. The trip it self starting around 2 am at the morning from Malang to Tengger. arriving in Tengger Semeru around 4 am, the trip start by watching sunrise in Penanjakan, and it's really magnficent to watch.


some people said that Bromo don't counted as a mountain trip since you don't really climb, but for me it's my first mountain, so, let me count it as first (another mountain trip soon perhaps). Around 6 am in the morning, the guide takes us down, and i asks to stop on our way down and find some beautiful spot to watch the bromo its self from far.

We back around 11 am after spend around 15 minutes at the creater because so many people there and its really hot for sure. on our way to Malang, we stopped at the Coban Pelangi (pelangi waterfall) which really beautiful and the water are really fresh. 

My Malang's Trip started from Museum Angkut which is quite famous for family trip and ended up with food's and cafe hunting. we tried Bakso President which is quite famous in Malang because its located next to railway. and a beautiful cafe named loe mien toe.

I can said that i really enjoyed my time in Malang and Bromo, and would love back for a nice staycation.

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