How To Wear Black

12:21 AM

Just realize that most of my outfits were consist of dark color, yeah i love dark color and i'm obsessed with black. you can also check my old post here which explaining why i really love black. one tips that i got from a friends which also love to wearing black is mix the outfits with some accessories, but i know i'm not kind of accessories persons. i don't really love necklace, or rings or event watches. i only have some pairs of glasses and 3 watches. the only way i can mix my black outfits is put on my favorite outer, and some glasses.

as you see on the photo, i'm wearing my black shirt from HnM, Jeans from uniqlo, my charles and keith glasses, Karl Lagerfeld watch, and shoes from Pedro. as simple as that, wearing black color for men will always become last decision, mens sometimes become "clueless" about color macthing. Investing in dark color, especially black shirt will give you a lot of advantage. also black is sliming and gave a fit effect on your body. you can always wearing black in many formal occasion, or event for works. 

If you're a color persons, or you love bright outfits you still need black jeans, yeah i'm sure most of people have more than one black jeans. as i said, if you love the accessories, you only need some black T-shirt and one silver necklaces, to make your outfits standing.

photo location : Hotel Minahasa Manado
Taken By : @Faisaldjaja  

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