Perfect Strangers

7:32 AM


we never planned to meet but i wanted you to stay 
- Them -

2017 Has been good so far.. everything just comes as it supposed to be. as the years change, i still remember the day i came to this city to starts everything again. Time flies, a years since the day i comes and its the time for me to coming back. i was talking to some of my friends here, they really wanted me to stay with them, especially the coworkers. as my job as store's manager, i spend like the whole years with them. i really close to them. i come as a strangers but soon becomes their another family. as i never really do a boss things. We works as a team, we do all the things to achieve targets together, we success and failed together.

i really wanted to stay, actually. But i found it better to come back. i need to excel my career, find my real passion, and challenge my self. i need to improving my skills, meet a new people, and yes travel. well, someday i will back again. i will back not as a perfect strangers for them, but as a part of the team. or someday maybe i will back again to this city to attending their wedding party, or travel here again. i'm surely will missed the time while we share the foods, laughing for a small things and discussing for anything.

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