6:34 AM


Another day past, another years comes. yeah 2017 has just coming. so hows life everybody?
i know 2016 seems so weird for world. a lot of big things happened in 2016 without we expecting before. but life will always gave you surprises. as 2017 has just coming. another resolution we have made, and another plan already arranged. for me, 2016 actually been so great. yet there some plan that going really well and some of them just failed at the first try. starting my real career in retail this years, traveling to a new places, meeting a new people, finding and losing love.

During my journey in 2016, if find a way to healing my self, traveling is the answer. i meet a lot of strangers, a perfect strangers and some love who once gone wrong. well, i realize i never can control what happened to me, but one things i can do is to control what i can do for others. i've been thru a hard times before, i've been living in the worst part of it. day by day i'm heal by myself, but deep inside my heart and of course my unconsciousness will always have its memory. i need to heal, a total heal. and i found it on traveling.

i really hope 2017 will be a travel years for everyone. and 2017 can heal the past. let's just start everything with a hope. again..

pants = Uniqlo
Tshirt = Muji
shoes = HnM

Photo Location : Bukit Doa, Tomohon

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