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 It takes a long time for me to make a new post since i'm being really busy with working. since i moved here i spend at least once a months to exploring the North Sulawesi and the nearby island (i will updating later). The nearest places which is definitely need to visit while you're in Sulawesi is Bunaken. Located in the North of Sulawesi, Bunaken become the first destination for diving and snorkling. I'm Really sure that most of divers already know about Bunaken. Bunaken is a maritime park which have a really clear water, many varieties of  coral and fish, and the precipitous walls at some sites. 

How To get There :
From Jakarta you can have a direct flight to Manado. and while you are in Manado you can rent a Boat (which usually cost for Rp.700k-1000k) and it will takes about 45 to 60 Minutes. There also a Public Boat which takes the locals to the market around 2 PM in Calaca Port, it cost for from the Most resorts will arrange transfers from the airport for their guests.

As i read in many travel blog, Bunaken is not so friendly for a budget traveler, yeah its really true and i do agree since the diving price somehow can be Rp. 800k  for one dive or even more. comparing to many places in sulawesi and sumatra which only can spend for like Rp. 500k for one dive. but again, Bunaken it self was really far from Jakarta and its really worth for the experiences.

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  1. Bunaken is such an incredible region, and the diving here is nothing short of fabulous, had the time of my life exploring Turtle City (, Mandolin Reef and many other cool dive spots!