7:58 AM

Got a chance to visiting this small yet beautiful island, Ternate last weekend. During my works in Manado i took an unplanned trip to Ternate by my self. the simple reasons why i choose Ternate is caused by the flight ticket were really cheap from Manado, it costs like Rp. 250k and will only take about 30 minutes. 
i never really heard about this city, but i know they have a big volcano which is still active Gunung Gamalama and also the famous Tolire Lake which you can see on first photo.

I Use a local flight around 8 am and arrived around 8.40. Before i arrived, i try to contacting my Couchsurfing friends which staying in ternate and have been stayed with me in my places. so i dont really spend much money for the hotels. for you who also loved to travel and dont really have a big budget you better use it really helps you to find a good free places to stay and also a new friends.

Ternate was really small, you can round the island only for 2 hours. so you better rent a bike. since it was an island, ternate have a nice beaches and small island around. you can also visiting tidore if you had a chance. 
the first beach that i visited was Jikomalamo beach and sulamadaha. it was really nice for snorkling or diving. 
i also got a chance to visiting ngade lake and of course tolire lake. 

Ternate dont really have a traditional food, but you can try the sashimi and some local foods which is similiar with Manado and Maluku. But for you who loved to tasted the modern kind of food, there was some nice cafe around the city, which is quite pricey comparing to the taste. yeah everything were really pricey here. but its ok since the experience that you get will worth to try.

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