let it all go

11:01 AM

   "But if we're strong enough, To let it in, We strong enough To let it go" - birdy and rhodes

I know i need to moving on, i know nothing last forever and i know it's time for me to leave and to let it go. life is getting better and better, everything changing.  after graduation i found a job in a retail industry and moving from bandung to jakarta. working never as easy as what i have imagined and the transition into work life is tougher than i have expected. but i need to adapt my self and learn how to handle it.

i have been living in bandung for 4 years, most of my friends were there, and now i moved to jakarta, once again i need to adapt my self here. i know sooner or later i will find my self loving this city, but i've left my heart in bandung.

parka : Nordhen Basic , Tshirt : Top Man, Shoes : Zara

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  1. Great post and outfit, i love the green jacket.

    New post up in my blog

  2. Love the parka :3
    Great style