the ballets cat

12:47 AM

     There is an ancient proverb that claims, “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays and for the last three he stays” i do believe in it since I really love cat. I used to have one named hello. i will not talking much about my cat. I will talk about this brand named “the ballets cat” by Mr. Jordan Marzuki,  I love this brand. I have one sweater and two tshirt since last year. The first time I fell in love with theballetscat was through their “i hate human i prefer cats” tshirt. i love the “dark”concept of this brand and also the good fabric that they used. The prices is very good, all you can get from the balletcats is an art, and its really worth it. For you who lived in bandung, you can get theballetcats at popshop concept store at jalan cimanuk 11 or visit to shop their entire collection.

theballetscat sweatshirt, Zara pants, porteegoods shoes

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  1. This look is so good on you! I absolutely love the colors of the Looks!!

  2. Looking great!


  3. Cat are better than people, ttly! :)

    answer: thank you, man! :) <-- NEW POST!!

  4. Nice post as always! :)