from your past

3:18 AM

One thing that I’m still learning is that no matter how much you know people, no matter how much you understand them, no matter how much you know about their pasts, you don’t know everything. People will always find ways to surprise you. they change and learn to think and see the world a little bit differently.
everyone has their past, everyone has their story, whether the story is good or not, it is up to us to make the same choice to repeat it, or make it better, future itself is more important than past. Notice the phrase “start to let go of your past.” Letting go is a process that takes time. But the sooner you move through the process of letting go of what is hurting you, the sooner better days are to come for you!

pants : HnM, tees : KidnappedAlly, outwear : nordhenbasic, shoes : Vans

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